An unique exhibit featuring the



Ms. Beverley Milward,

Mr. William Datson

Ms. Lilly Foxx.



16 London Road, Bath, BA1 6ad, uk

this physical aperture holds objects to be viewed and contemplated.


Should one of these objects have you in their grip you are invited to message the contact box on how you can have access to its presence.

Current exhibits

Ms. Lilly Foxx:

Mushroom baby

Signed giclee print hand finished with gold and crystals. 

£220.00 framed



mushrooms will save the world

Signed giclee print hand finished with gold and crystals. 

£220.00 framed 


Ms. Beverley Milward

Curiousity box

Open the doors peer in to the inviting chocolate box landscape of Italian lakes and garden flowers. 

Flick the switch to light the interior. 

Turn the handle to play Que Sera Sera.

Keep looking further to the dark message within and then a reflection of your own eyes for the answer to the riddle.

Mixed media Photography Mr Colin Moody


moss & antler Candlesticks

Double headed candlesticks where I focused on surface textures from the natural world of mosses, lichen, stone and bone. 

Stoneware and porcelain h w


the star

The central meaning of The Star in tarot is distant hope.  It is reminder that destiny is always at play and to be patient.


A chaotic noisy garden of plants and souls clamber toward the distant star that hangs motionless and unattainable. 


Board, spray paint, beeswax, oil pastels 41.5 x 46.5 cm.


how does your garden grow?

Combine nursery rhymes, old toys, a love for Victorian plant theatres and the many voices in your head and this is the result

Porcelain, porcelain paper clay, slips, lustres dome h27 x d14 cm

£350.00 including glass dome and wooden base

now is all we have

A night time niche with moon and pomegranates reminding us not to worry about the past or future. 

porcelain, oxides, onglaze colour, lustre.

 height approx 12cm 



Tooth Worms, opinions, £20.00 each

Everyone has got to have an opinion nowadays!

These fellows are made of porcelain between 3-5cm long and are £20.00 each or three for £50.00


St Francis stands holding microscopic form in a land of giant flowers and rocks.


Below him are Heironomous Bosch creatures crawling up onto the land. 

Above is a medieval illustration of an incoming comet. A sign of impending doom.

Paper beeswax and oil pastels on board 38x38cm



Mr William Datson & Beverley Milward

Golden Tree Frames 

Made for Kensington palace in response to the lavish motifs of acanthus leaves, claw and ball and egg & dart.  Cast in Jesmonite plaster and hand finished.

Small frame without mirror  £575.00                           with mirror    £650.00

Large Oval Egg and Dart Frame

without mirror £675.00

with mirror £750.00

Bev Milward 2020

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