An unique exhibit featuring the



Ms. Beverley Milward,

Mr. William Datson

Ms. Lilly Foxx.


16 London Road, Bath, BA1 6ad, uk

this physical aperture holds objects to be viewed and contemplated.


Should one of these objects have you in their grip you are invited to message the contact box on how you can have access to its presence.

Current exhibits

Spring has sprung and the unlockdown has brought all sorts of creatures out of the woodwork...

Ms. Lilly Foxx:

Mysterious life force

Signed giclee print hand finished with gold and crystals. 

£195.00 framed


the magic is in you baby

Signed giclee print hand finished with gold and crystals. 

£195.00 framed 

Ms. Beverley Milward


This piece was made during the transition from usual daily life to just before lockdown of March 2020.

Read from left to right in the distance are the towers of the old establishment, a dinosaur swims below and microscopic water bears floating in the sky. 

On an island of microscopic organisms stands the lady from the margins with her flying penis looking with longing to an island where a Blemmyes stands looking back at her. 

Further to the right past the shells and the goose barnacle a mythical medieval Bishop fish explains something to neanderthal man beneath a pill bug moon.  

Up ahead are the dark fears.


Paper, spray paint and beeswax on found board 23 x 107 cm 



This piece of board was donated to me after being salvaged from Jamaica Street Studios, Bristol.

It had been used to doodle on, mix paint and shows multiple rings where jars of paint had been put down to form a rich surface that cannot be replicated.

Characters look out into the space around their own islands of isolation wondering how long they have to live with themselves. 

Featuring icon of isoloation

Milky Joe from The Mighty Boosh.

Teak board with mixed paint, ink, paper, wax, oil pastels. 46x 46 cm


Towns Folk

The Stuff that dreams are made of


An ever changing selection of around twenty porcelain figures that form a crowd.

Each one is treated as an individual at every stage of making and slowly their stories and characters develop .  

They are £40.00 each.

the stuff that dreams are made of 

A pair of small domes which attempts to capture those nights of vivid dreams where characters found in waking life combine into a swirling incomprehensible mass.

 £450.00 pair or £250.00 each

Benevolent malevolent Candelabra

Like the witches house in Hansel and Gretal this candlestick seems good enough to eat but take a bite and it may make you sick.


One of the largest pieces I've made in this style.


Stoneware and porcelain h w



Everyone has got to have an opinion nowadays!

These fellows are made of porcelain between 3-5cm long and are £20.00 each or three for £50.00

Mr William Datson & Beverley Milward

Golden Tree Frames 

Made for Kensington palace in response to the lavish motifs of acanthus leaves, claw and ball and egg & dart.  Cast in Jesmonite plaster and hand finished.

Small frame without mirror  £575.00                           with mirror    £650.00

Large Oval Egg and Dart Frame

without mirror £675.00

with mirror £750.00

Bev Milward 2020

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