An unique exhibit featuring the



Ms. Beverley Milward,

Mr. William Datson

Ms. Lilly Foxx.



16 London Road, Bath, BA1 6ad, uk

this physical aperture holds objects to be viewed and contemplated.

Should one of these objects have you in their grip you are invited to message the contact box on how you can have access to its presence.

Current exhibits

Ms. Lilly Foxx:

The Journey, surreal, medieval art, print, mythical, fantasy

The Journey

Signed giclee print hand finished with gold and crystals. Print size A4

£175.00 framed 

Learn to be alone, surreal, fantasy, dream, art print

Learn to be alone

Signed giclee print hand finished with gold and crystals. Print size A4

£175.00 framed 

Journeys end, fantasy, surreal, art print

Journeys end

Signed giclee print hand finished with gold and crystals. Print size A4

£175.00 framed

Ms. Beverley Milward

No.1  Garden of Online Delights Tryptich


It all began by finding a fireguard on the street and imagining it as a ready made tryptich.

I inserted board which had heavily weathered paint, enhanced with spray paint and decorated with paper and wax adding a salvaged velvet backing.

The first panel depicts The Fool from the tarot walking amidst ladybird book flowers. He is starting out on the journey to find love.

The central panel shows a medieval wounded man with his mobile phone and a halo of urine testing sticks is gazing over a shoal of medieval naked women sat astride flying penises who swim amongst the bottom feeders.  

The third panel shows The World, the last tarot card.

The end game, what we all dream of but a skull lies among the flowers reminding us that everything dies.

Fireguard, board, paper, wax, paint, velvet  h 66 cm w89 cm


Tooth and Claw Candlesticks

Tooth and claw, candlesticks, porcelain, baroque, gothic, weebles, bev milward, sculpture, ceramics, contemporary

Acanthus leaves are entwined with themselves to form claws and mouths full of sharp teeth. 

Stoneware and porcelain h w

£450.00 per pair


Defying the dance of death

Danse Macabre or Dance of Death was a medieval allegorical concept of death as the great leveler.

Traditionally it depicts a procession of dead figures leading the living of different status to the grave. 


The central figure here is a flapper from the 1920's dressed as a butterfly. The type of woman who flaunted their disdain for what was considered acceptable behavior.


Prepainted board with spray paint, paper, beeswax and oil pastels 41 x 41 cm.


Treasure  , porcelain, T material, glass


The largest dome I have ever made, crammed with detail that is difficult to capture. 


This piece took three full days to make and at the end I felt quite deranged!


A further three firings and decorating with colour means a piece on this scale is unique.

h40cm w 24cm



Dust Gatherer

A smaller piece with a cynical purpose. 


What you do with all the dust you have gathered with this bespoke tool is your own business. 


(Like all of the pieces it can be cleaned with running water and a soft makeup brush.)

porcelain, height approx 15cm 



Tooth Worms, opinions, £20.00 each

Everyone has got to have one nowadays!

These fellows are made of porcelain between 3-5cm long and are £20.00 each or three for £50.00

Mr William Datson & Beverley Milward

mirror, baroque, gold, frame, bev milward

Golden Tree Frames 

Made for Kensington palace in response to the lavish motifs of acanthus leaves, claw and ball and egg & dart.  Cast in Jesmonite plaster and hand finished.

Small frame without mirror  £575.00                           with mirror    £650.00


Large Oval Egg and Dart Frame

without mirror £675.00

with mirror £750.00