An unique exhibit featuring the
Ms. Beverley Milward,
Mr. William Datson
& special guest

16 London Road, Bath, BA1 6ad, uk

this physical aperture holds objects to be viewed and contemplated.
Should one of these objects have you in their grip you are invited to message the contact box on how you can have access to its presence.

Current exhibits

The temperature has risen and the vibrations have reached fever pitch...

Mr dan burman:

Saturnalia, Dan Burman, collage, found photographs, mixed media


Found photo, collage and mixed media  on board

23.5 x 31 cm




Dreamscape, collage, Dan Burman, old photographs, mixed media

the Reality of dreams

Found photograph collage mixed media on board

23 x 28 cm


Mixed Media, collage, Dan Burman

Benjamin receives his soul from another dimension
 Found photograph collage mixed media
20.8 x 37.2 cm 


dan_burman_4_Jupiter Ceremony.jpg

jupiter ceremony
Painting and collage on board with found photographs.


dan_burman_5_Interplanetary Ceremony.jpg


Painting and collage on board with found photographs.



Ms. Beverley Milward


The last horse of the apocalypse

 According to the 1972 prog rock classic by Aphrodite's Child the Last Horse of the Apocalypse is Green.

This well sculpted resin horse from Italy was an impressive found object from Easton, Bristol. 

When I came to me it was brown and covered in mouse droppings. 

Now it heralds The End of Days.

The porcelain piece made to add to it was the only surviving object to come out of the last firing of my malfunctioning kiln.  The piece withstood hours of 1400 degrees and yet remarkably still fitted onto the base. The whole piece is painted with spray and acrylic paint.

This object is about violent endings and fierce new beginnings.


Tooth and Claw Alter Candlesticks


Alter candlesticks with edging that looks like confectionery, the bases are fashioned from acanthus leaves.

The gold details twinkle in the candlelight but among the jewels are claws and teeth. 


They could just slither away when you back is turned.

Stoneware and porcelain h w

£450.00  per pair

fools paradise


Made during lockdown of 2020 I had no idea where this piece was going whilst I was in the process of making it. 

It was only once it was finished that it dawned on me that it was Fool's Paradise: a happy state that one inhabits for foolish, unfounded or delusional reasons.

Paper, spray paint and beeswax on board

72.5cm X 35cm.


death march

Death, march, Wax, collage, spray paint, abstract, art, bev milward, bright,

This salvaged board had been

used as a masking tool by graffiti artists and covered in many layers of paint. 

The markings were built up over time to form a multi layered landscape to which I have added paper images sealed with wax.  


A solar eclipse bears down. 

The characters of Death move closer . An army assembles. 

Made at the time lockdown was announced.


Board, spray paint, paper, beeswax 50 x 42 cm.



Tooth Worms, opinions, £20.00 each

Everyone has got to have an opinion nowadays!

These fellows are made of porcelain between 3-5cm long and are £20.00 each or three for £50.00

Mr William Datson & Beverley Milward

mirror, baroque, gold, frame, bev milward

Golden Tree Frames 

Made for Kensington palace in response to the lavish motifs of acanthus leaves, claw and ball and egg & dart.  Cast in Jesmonite plaster and hand finished.

Small frame without mirror  £575.00                           with mirror    £650.00