An unique exhibit featuring the
Ms. Beverley Milward & Mr. Willy small

16 London Road, Bath, BA1 6ad, uk

this physical aperture holds objects to be viewed and contemplated.
Should one of these objects have you in their grip you are invited to message the contact box on how you can have access to its presence.

Current exhibits

A collection of recent work by Bev Milward.

See me Raw

Heart, Collage, art, bev milward, bristol, Window of Dreams, City of Bath
Heart, collage, encaustic, illustrative, art
Encaustic, collage, heart, art, love, emotion

Large pendulous heart hanging in space or under water with tiny figure. 

This collage was made whilst recovering from heart break and covid.


The image of visiting the heart as big as a whale came from a dream.


The large board is a salvaged test piece thrown away from an artist studios.


Board, paint, paper, oil pastel, beeswax.

£400.00 unframed

£500.00 framed

Sign post Wall Plaques

porcelain, bev milward, wall plaque, nature boy,

Porcelain wall plaques.

'The greatest thing you will ever learn is just to love and be loved in return'


Taken from a song with a very interesting history called Nature Boy. 

£120.00 each

porcelain, wall plaque, nature boy, bev milward, window of dreams

'The Best is not too good for you' is taken from an old slipware cup.


Wort, Spore and Belle

porcelain , sculpture, fungus, floral, bev milward,

A family of organic porcelain and stoneware dome pieces.

Belle is the smallest followed by Spore and Wort (who has grown some teeth)

Belle £190.00 SOLD

Spore £250.00

Wort £300.00

Porcelain, sculpture, fungal, fungus, floral, bev milward
porcelain, sculpture, fungus , floral, detailed, feminine

tooth and claw candlesticks

candlesticks, porcelain, tooth, claws, art

Acanthus leaves are entwined with themselves to form claws and mouths full of sharp teeth. 

Stoneware and porcelain h w

£500.00 per pair

heart tree dome

Heart, tree, ceramic, sculpture

A brave little heart tree shaped by the elements clings to a snowy landscape. 

One white heart has fallen to the floor, one red and one gold still remains. 

Porcelain, onglaze enamels, lustre, glass dome

h 18 x d 10 cm.


as above so below wall sconce

Sconce, as above so below, porcelain

Inspired by the ancient philosophy that within the microcosm is the macrocosm.

Stoneware and porcelain

h 25 cm, w 10 cm, d 9 cm

£250.00 Pair

onwards and inwards

painting, collage, chaos, blemmie, cuckoo, bev milward, wax, oil pastels

The board used here had been used as a painters palette and then discarded.


Small paper cutouts and wax have been added and oil pastels blended in with the rich background colour to form a loose frenetic dreamscape. 

Made three weeks into lockdown.


Board, mixed paints, paper, wax, oil pastels.

44.5 x 39.5 cm


The star


Dreaming of of you

porcelain, building, sculpture

Two tiny figures look out for each other from their rooms.





biting, creatures, porcelain

These creatures have featured within pieces of my work for a while but now they have crawled out of the woodwork and have a voice of their own.  

Now in carnivore and omnivore!


They are small scale porcelain, between 3-6 cm long and are

£20.00 each or £50.00 for three

The central meaning of The Star in tarot is hope.  It is reminder that destiny is always at play and to be patient.


A chaotic noisy garden of plants and souls clamber toward the distant star that hangs motionless and unattainable. 


Board, spray paint, beeswax, oil pastels 41.5 x 46.5 cm.