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Porcelain box, stars, treasure, bev milward, gold, baroque, contemporary

Born in 1973 I spent a happy if isolated childhood on a hill farm in the Welsh Borders.


I spent my time climbing trees, poking things with sticks, studying fungi and making little objects out of clay dug from the stream. 

Growing up I was fascinated by the miniature worlds of the tadpoles and the

woodlice and marvelled between these tiny microcosms and the vast views over the valley. 

It is capturing the beauty, detail and chaos which has formed the basis of my interest in creating unusual characters and landscapes ever since.  

Each piece is made entirely by hand and unique.

Bev''s makers mark is the shape of a key.


It comprises of a simple b and m combined. 

The key simultaneously signifies the answer to a puzzle and a search for meaning.


It can be found hidden somewhere on every piece and leaves a trace of her journey of making.


The key is registered to Bev Milward and has found itself in illustrious company on the front cover of the current book of British Studio Potter's Marks.  

British studio pottery, makers marks, key, bev milward
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