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I recently acquired a collection of vintage plaster moulds of animals and traditional figurines. 

I have begun to explore the idea of taking the familiar and reworking them into a different narrative. 

Each piece is cast in porcelain, cut, altered and pieces added.

Each piece is painted and glazed in different colours with mother o pearl and gold lustres added in a third firing.

The Charlottes


The Original Bunny Girls 

Cast and altered porcelain approximately 8 cm x 8cm

The Fairy Queen

The Fairy Queen is the ruler of everything, there is much multi tasking involved wrangling the Pixies and placating the squabbles of the Townsfolk.


When I cast this mould I realised the figure had no arms so I had to give her some from a different piece. The base she is on has some lovely detail so I added some of my own hand made elements, the grass sprig, some wings and a crown. I wanted her underskirts to look like the night sky and her dress like a sunset over the land. 

Porcelain cast in a vintage mould with additional elements. Hand painted with underglaze , mother of pearl and gold lustre. 


Crawling Candle Holder


Porcelain candleholder with figurines arms holding gold balls with mother of pearl scalloped edging.


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