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Over time my work has become about giving attention to something ignored.

By chance I acquired a collection of vintage plaster moulds of animals and traditional figurines from the 80's and 90's

I explore the idea of taking the familiar and reworking them imagining a new narrative.

They represent acceptance and quiet evolution from something shunned into something magical and precious.


Each piece is cast in porcelain, cut, altered and pieces added then painted and glazed in different colours with mother o pearl and gold lustres added in a third firing.

Lamb Faeries 


Described by a customer as Jeff Koons meets Midsummer Nights Dream.

Fanciful and contemplative each decorated with different posies, hats and colours.


The Charlottes


The Original Bunny Girls 

Cast and altered porcelain approximately 8 cm x 8cm  


Rabbit in the Headlights


Wall pieces available in blue, white and pink (may be made to order) approx 6.5cm diameter

65.00 each 

The Fairy Queen

The Fairy Queen is the ruler of everything, there is much multi tasking involved wrangling the Pixies and placating the squabbles of the Townsfolk.


When I cast this mould I realised the figure had no arms so I had to give her some from a different piece. The base she is on has some lovely detail so I added some of my own hand made elements, the grass sprig, some wings and a crown. I wanted her underskirts to look like the night sky and her dress like a sunset over the land. 

Porcelain cast in a vintage mould with additional elements. Hand painted with underglaze , mother of pearl and gold lustre. 


Crawling Candle Holder


Porcelain candleholder with figurines arms holding gold balls with mother of pearl scalloped edging.


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