Tree from the Land of Lost 

As a child I spent a lot of time trying to make the most beautiful thing I could imagine.


This piece intertwines the natural world and historical ceramics with personal memories of story books, old toys and the fairground.

Stoneware, porcelain, onglaze enamels, gold lustre. dome 30 x 20 cm


£350.00 SOLD

including glass dome and wooden base.

Lost Souls

Acanthus leaves symbolising immortality, mourning and sin are formed into claws holding golden orbs.

Grotesque growths and faces emerge out of the swirling mass.

Stoneware, porcelain, slips, lustre, onglaze enamel. dome h27 x  d14cm

£350.00 including glass dome with wooden base

How does your garden grow?

Combine nursery rhymes, old toys, a love for Victorian plant theatres and the many voices in your head and this is the result

Porcelain, porcelain paper clay, slips, lustres dome h27 x d14 cm

£350.00 including glass dome and wooden base

The Stuff that Dreams are made of.


This little dome attempts to capture those nights of vivid dreams where characters found in waking life combine into a swirling incomprehensible mass.

Porcelain, onglaze enamels, lustre, glass dome

h 18 x d 10 cm.


Flora and Fauna

A curious small scale porcelain sculpture


Porcelain, onglaze enamels, lustre, dome h30 x d20 cm.


Square Laughing Box

Square box with  weeblefaces, golden scrolls, houses, birds and flowers.


The lid is inspired by childhood memories of the stars on the ceiling of my parish church.

Porcelain, slips, gold lustre 15 x 15 x 7 cm


Bev Milward 2020

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