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Towns Folk

An ever changing selection of around twenty porcelain small scale porcelain sculptures that form a crowd.  Inspired by a love of collectible Mr Men and Wade Whimsies. 

Each one is treated as an individual at every stage of making and slowly their stories a characters develop. 


They are priced from £40.00 each.

They do seem happy to leave the crowd and make their way alone in the in the world but if you are interested in rehoming more than one Townsfolk then deals can be struck.


These creatures have featured within pieces of my work for a while but now they have crawled out of the woodwork and have a voice of their own.  

Now in carnivore and omnivore!


They are small scale porcelain, between 3-6 cm long and are

£20.00 each or £50.00 for three

Tooth Worms, opinions, £20.00 each

For a selection of smaller works and objet trouve please visit the new Window of Dreams Etsy shop at the link below.

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