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House of Debris is my ceramic design service specialising in bespoke wholesale objects for galleries, museums and visitor attractions.

Here are some examples of pieces I have designed and produced.

If you would like to discuss a project please get in touch.

Drollery Boxes


Drollery Boxes are a series of small bone china trinket boxes for point of sale decorated with a series of medieval characters. As seen at Wake the Tiger, Bristol and Whitby Museum.

They are available on a wholesale basis. Please get in touch on the contact page for more details.

SS Great Britain Project


For this project I worked closely with SS Great Britain researching and drawing from original source material from the Brunel Institute.

 I redrew the ship itself and the Bristol gorge adding tiny modern elements such as a lorry and paddle boarders. The range emulates 19th century Sunderland ware with its distinctive copper lustre. This near forgotten style of souvenir china was contemporary to the launch of the ship itself.

I  currently produce a range of limited edition hand decorated and coloured pieces now on sale at the ship.


SS Great Britain Botany Orchid Mug illustrated by Sarah Carpenter.

Storm in A Teacup


Available to order from here or SS Great Britain £25.00 each+p+p

Rockaway Park
Chapel of Unrest


Available from the Rockaway Park website

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