Tooth and Claw Candlesticks

Acanthus leaves are entwined with themselves to form claws and mouths full of sharp teeth. 

Stoneware and porcelain h w

£450.00 per pair

Moss and Antler Candlesticks

Double headed candlesticks where I focused on surface textures from the natural world of mosses, lichen, stone and bone. 

Stoneware and porcelain h w


Tooth and Claw Alter Candlesticks

Alter candlesticks with edging that looks like confectionery, the bases are fashioned from acanthus leaves.

The gold details twinkle in the candlelight but among the jewels are claws and teeth. 


They could just slither away when you back is turned.

Stoneware and porcelain h w

£400.00  per pair

Claw Candlesticks

An example found on the West wall of St John on the Wall church, Bristol, UK.

Inspired by medieval allegories depicting hands reaching up as they descend through the Jaws of Hell. 

A contemporary momento mori where golden claws reach towards the light.

Stoneware, porcelain lustre h29 x8.5cm base. 

£195.00 per pair

As Above So Below Wall Sconce

Inspired by the ancient philosophy that within the microcosm is the macrocosm.

Stoneware and porcelain

h 25 cm, w 10 cm, d 9 cm

£250.00 Pair

Benevolent malevolent Candelabra

Like the witches house in Hansel and Gretal this candlestick seems good enough to eat but take a bite and it may make you sick.


One of the largest pieces I've made in this style.


Stoneware and porcelain h w


Sprite Candlesticks

A pair of playful gnarly weeble faced sprites encrusted with lollipops, dog faces, lichen and leaves. 

Stoneware and porcelain h w


Bev Milward 2020

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