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Collaborations & Projects

SS Great Britain Design Project

For this project I worked closely with SS Great Britain researching original source material from the Brunel Institute.

 I redrew the ship itself and the Bristol gorge adding tiny modern elements such as a lorry and paddle boarders. The range emulates 19th century Sunderland ware with its distinctive copper lustre. This near forgotten style of souvenir china was contemporary to the launch of the ship itself.

I  currently produce a range of limited edition hand decorated and coloured pieces now on sale at the ship.


The Golden Tree 

gold, baroque, frame, mirror, contemporary, bev milward
mirror, interior, jesmonite, gold, baroque, frame, bev milward

The Golden Tree project was working alongside artist maker William Datson for a project for Kensington Palace, on behalf of Historic Royal Palaces.

The imagery is based on decorative motifs of palace and feature swirling acanthus leaves and claw and ball creating a subversive baroque fantasy.

I made the original masters in clay which William then cast in Jesmonite, (synthetic plaster) and finished with a gold paint with a very high metal content.


They are now available to order

Dimensions 86 cm x 55 cm

Small mirror frame £650.00 

clay, master, frame, artist, bev milward, baroque, mirror, modeling, commissions
mirror, baroque, gold, frame, bev milward

To purchase or for more information

please fill in the form on the contacts page.

jesmonite, baroque, mirror, frames, bev milward


fantasy, underwater, coral, theatre set, spray paint, reclaimed, Extraordinary Bodies, Bev Milward, William Datsun, SPLASH

SPLASH was another project with William Datson, this time creating a fantasy under water world as part of a stage set for Extraordinary Bodies. 

Using everything from expandable foam and drain pipes to hanging baskets and doilys as quickly as possible was an intense experience.  Very refreshing to work on such a different scale.

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