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Join me at Rockaway Park to make a Matchbox Minikin!

After 20 years of making in porcelain I've finally come up with a workshop!

...and predictably its not your regular pottery class.

TSTDAMO 3 det.jpg

Small is Beautiful


For me making in clay has been a very personal journey and until now it has been hard to fathom out how to share this with a group of people. But this journey is full of surprises and it seems I'm finally ready to show how and why I work in small scale porcelain, share some techniques and hopefully help you find that childlike place in your own imagination that may need a little space to breathe.

Matchbox Minikins

During this relaxing afternoon session in my hidden studio at Rockaway Park you will discover how porcelain differs from other clays, learn some simple traditional making techniques and through doodling casually drift into producing a mini matchbox character, possibly with an amusing backstory, using my new secret method.


Next Session:
20th April 2024
1.30-4 pm

uitable for total beginners and the experienced crafty age 14+
4-6 places per session, 2.5 hours including tea break.
£55.00 per person payable in advance.
To book whole group sessions on a specific date please get in touch through the
 contact page.

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